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Bail And Detention Hearings: Your Loved One’s Freedom Matters

When your loved one is in jail facing state or federal criminal charges, you want them home as soon as possible. Detention hearings – also known as bail hearings – are the gateway to that freedom. However, getting reasonable terms and conditions for bail isn’t always easy. That’s where we come in.

At the Valenzuela Law Firm in El Paso, we have been passionately advocating for the rights of the incarcerated for nearly a decade. Our lawyers focus solely on criminal defense. They are fierce advocates for those facing serious charges in Texas state and federal courts. They handle all aspects of the criminal process, from detention hearings through trial, appeals and post-conviction proceedings.

Understanding Bail And Detention Hearings In Texas

Detention hearings provide an opportunity for those who are incarcerated and facing criminal charges to post bail and remain free while the criminal proceedings are pending. Bail isn’t a punishment. It’s a way to ensure that the person facing charges shows up for court.

How Is Bail Determined?

The court considers factors like flight risk, community ties and potential danger to the community. There’s no set formula, however, and these decisions are nuanced. That’s where having an attorney can make a significant difference.

Your Loved One Deserves Freedom

People often linger in jail because their lawyers and loved ones didn’t fight for them during bail hearings. Being out of jail is tremendously important. It puts your loved one in a better position to work with an attorney and prepare for trial, particularly in high-stakes cases such as homicide and complex white collar offenses.

Bail hearings can be frustrating, especially if you get a poor outcome. You don’t have to accept the initial bail amount set by the judge. Nor should your loved one have to stay in jail to get credited with that time at sentencing. There’s too much at stake.

The Time To Start Fighting Is Now

Don’t let your loved one be one of those who have to wait in jail because nobody bothered to fight for them. Time is critical in preparing a strong case for reasonable bail.

Our attorneys can vigorously advocate for your loved one. We handle detention hearings and bail appeals in both state and federal court.

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