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Health Care Crime Defense Lawyers: Your Shield Against Serious Charges

As a health care provider, you’ve dedicated your life to the medical field. Now you’re confronting serious allegations that could jeopardize your reputation, career and freedom. This may be your first brush with the law, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

At the Valenzuela Law Firm, our defense lawyers can be your tireless advocates and allies. For nearly a decade, we’ve been the beacon of hope for individuals facing serious charges in Texas state and federal courts. When your future hangs in the balance, ours is the firm you can trust.

Common Types Of Criminal Charges That Health Care Professionals Face

Health care criminal charges in Texas are multifaceted and complex. They include:

  • Prescription fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud
    • Upcoding
    • Billing for services not rendered
    • Double-billing
    • Unbundling
    • False or misleading diagnoses
  • Illegal kickbacks and Stark Law
  • Patient Abuse or neglect
  • Sexual misconduct

Each of these crimes can result in severe penalties, including fines, loss of your professional license and even imprisonment. Our attorneys will fight to avoid or minimize these consequences.

Why You Need A Tech-Savvy Defense Team

Many health care-related criminal cases involve intricate financial and billing data. Our firm is tech-savvy and utilizes advanced tools to build a robust defense strategy. Just as state and federal investigators use cutting-edge technology to build their cases, we employ equally powerful resources for your defense.

Protect Your Future: Start Today

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