Defending Clients Facing Life-Altering State And Federal Criminal Charges

Being investigated for or charged with crimes like sex offenses, embezzlement, homicide and other serious crimes can change the course of your life and your career. At Valenzuela Law Firm, we understand your situation; you will be treated with care and respect as you benefit from the team’s extensive legal knowledge and experience as well as tech-savvy defense strategies.

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We Represent Clients In State And Federal Criminal Matters Throughout El Paso County, Texas.

We Don’t Back Down From A Challenge

Federal criminal charges are serious and can have lasting consequences. Even if you are found innocent, the damage to your reputation and the effect on your future can be life-altering. These legal issues can weigh heavily on you and your family, causing stress and anxiety. When you are facing charges, it is imperative you have experienced, aggressive attorneys on your side.

We do not turn down complex cases — we embrace them. In fact, outside attorneys and law firms frequently refer cases to us when things become too complex for them to handle. We have worked on many high-profile federal cases that garnered national media attention.

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Using Technology To Give You A Competitive Edge

Law enforcement officials rely on technology to help prove their case, using emails, texts, internet browsing history and other digital technology. We recognize how important it is to stay ahead of technological innovations in order to provide the best defense for our clients.

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of how to examine and interpret this vital information, including computer data, GPS data, doorbell cameras and social media. We stay current with cutting-edge technology developments that can help strengthen your case.

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