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Human Trafficking Defense Lawyers Who Treat You With Respect

If you face charges related to human trafficking, you might feel as if the world already considers you guilty. You might feel as if you have nowhere to turn. Few criminal defense law firms handle human trafficking cases, as they are controversial, rare and difficult.

However, we at Valenzuela Law Firm do not run away from these qualities — we run toward them. Our Yale-educated lead attorney, Felix Valenzuela, has successfully defended clients from human trafficking charges in courts throughout Texas. Under his guidance, we have earned renown as one of the premier defense law firms in El Paso County. You can rely on us to treat you with dignity and serve as your guides and advocates throughout your case.

What You Should Know About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is among the most severe criminal charges in existence. It almost always counts as a federal offense, meaning the penalties for a conviction could very likely include prison time. Human trafficking can encompass several activities, including:

  • Alien smuggling: Trafficking undocumented immigrants into the U.S.
  • Forced labor: Coercing or forcing someone to perform labor
  • Sex trafficking: Coercing or forcing someone to perform commercial sex acts
  • Debt bondage: Making a victim repay their debts through work

State and federal prosecutors alike take these offenses immensely seriously. They do not hesitate to expend vast resources on the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking charges to make an example of perpetrators.

Adding Forensic Digital Technology To Your Defense

Many of today’s most severe human trafficking cases involve complex cybertechnology that requires extensive technological savvy. Our team keeps up to date of all relevant developments in digital technology that could help your case. We draw from our technological knowledge to examine relevant evidence such as flight information, bank records, financial transactions, computer data and more.

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