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A Preeminent Team That Takes On Charges Of Fraud

Allegations of fraud can rapidly destroy your career and result in criminal penalties. You probably feel an overwhelming sense of dread, uncertainty and stress. Against an accusation as serious as fraud, you need a premier law firm such as Valenzuela Law Firm to represent you. Since 2014, our team, led by Yale-educated defense attorney Felix Valenzuela, has protected the rights of clients throughout the El Paso area through litigation counsel that incorporates the latest technology.

Fighting All Categories Of Fraud, Including Federal Fraud

Fraud is an immensely broad category of financial crimes that use deception for financial or personal gain. A few of the varieties of fraud that our team defends most frequently include:

  • Bank fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Stark Law violations
  • Health care fraud
  • Oil and gas fraud

Federal fraud charges typically involve fraud perpetrated against a government entity. Because many federal offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences, you stand to face prison time if convicted – even if you have no prior criminal record. If a court has already convicted you, we can handle your appeal to overturn the lower court’s ruling.

Protect Your Future And Reputation As A Professional

Many of our clients are licensed professionals such as doctors, accountants and fellow attorneys who stand to lose their hard-won careers due to a mere accusation of fraud. We have successfully protected the careers of some of the most prominent, high-profile professionals in Texas, resolving criminal and administrative problems successfully and discreetly. Because administrative disciplinary hearings often coincide with criminal investigations, we can represent you throughout these as well.

Discuss How We Can Help You

We at Valenzuela Law Firm are the firm to defend you from state or federal charges of fraud. Take the initiative to schedule an initial consultation with us – your future could depend on it. Call 915-292-3173 or send us an email today; we are available 24/7. Hablamos español.