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Navigating Fentanyl Charges In El Paso

A fentanyl drug charge is often overwhelming to the person charged and their family members.  Many are unaware of the drug’s classification on the Texas Controlled Substance List and the potential legal consequences of a conviction.  Many wait hoping that the problem will just go away.  It won’t. If you or a loved one are facing a fentanyl charge in El Paso County, Texas, reach out to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to to help you navigate the system.  Don’t wait until a criminal indictment has been issued.  If you have been stopped by U.S. Customs agents, U.S. border patrol, DEA agents or local Texas police, don’t delay, reach out for legal assistance immediately.

At Valenzuela Law Firm, we routinely defend against drug cases but understand the situation does not feel routine to you.  We handle various criminal defense charges throughout Texas, including drug crimes, with the utmost care and attention to you.

What Schedule Is Fentanyl?

Under the Texas controlled substance List, fentanyl is a Schedule II-controlled substance. This drug classification means fentanyl has a high potential for abuse and addiction, but it also has accepted medical uses in the country under strict supervision.

Unfortunately, the fact that fentanyl is a Schedule II drug means that the penalties associated with conviction for its possession or distribution are very severe. Understanding what classification fentanyl is under can help you better understand your charges. Our firm will explain this to you in confidence, making sure you understand your options.

How To Beat A Possession Charge In El Paso County,Texas

Since Fentanyl is a Schedule II-controlled substance, possession of any amount of fentanyl is a felony in Texas, carrying severe penalties, including imprisonment and hefty fines.

To better understand how to beat a fentanyl possession charge in Texas, work with our skilled and experienced attorneys who understand drug laws and the consequences of their violations, including asset forfeiture. To put you in the best possible position to fight these criminal accusations, we can also help you navigate detention and bail hearings 

Facing Charges in Federal Court? Valenzuela Law Firm Can Help

Valenzuela Law Firm is a firm with experienced criminal defense attorneys who are Texas and El Paso natives, making them well-versed in the El Paso County criminal courts and U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. Our aggressive attorneys know how to take on Government surveillance  methods including wire-tapping and confidential informants using our knowledge of technology, experience in trial and Ivy league training.

If you or your loved one is in this crossfire, call 915-292-3173 today to schedule a confidential appointment and learn how we fight the government every day.