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Do Not Forfeit Your Right To Your Property

The civil forfeiture laws of Texas allow law enforcement officers to seize any property that they deem connected to the commission of a crime, even if the property owner is not under arrest. The state can keep or sell this property, even if it turns out to have no connection to criminal activity.

When you are up against entities as powerful as the state or federal authorities, you need attorneys who have success taking them on and winning. That is Valenzuela Law Firm. Since 2014, we have become a prominent criminal defense team serving the people of El Paso in complex civil forfeiture cases.

Civil Forfeiture: What To Know

Texas laws are very broad when it comes to civil forfeiture. This gives state and federal agencies a great deal of discretion when it comes to issuing orders and confiscating property. Some of the most frequently seized assets in civil forfeiture include:

  • Guns, firearms and other weapons
  • Cash
  • Prescription medications
  • Jewelry
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Cell phones
  • Laptops

The state goes to extreme lengths to defend police officers and others accused of wrongdoing, even if there is stark evidence of their misconduct. Fortunately, we have strategies to fight civil forfeiture at the state and federal levels. With our cohesive understanding of the many regulations, loopholes and administrative procedures surrounding the seizure of assets, we know which methods offer the best chance of restoring your property. We will also challenge the actions of police departments, government entities or individual law enforcement officers.

Fight To Get Back Your Property

Valenzuela Law Firm is prepared to uphold your right tenaciously against unjust civil forfeiture. Contact our law office in El Paso to request your initial consultation with one of our team members. Please call 915-292-3173 or send us an email to begin. We are available 24/7. Hablamos español.