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Getting the right legal representative for a criminal appeal

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | State And Federal Appeals

A successful appeal could be your last chance to overcome a criminal conviction and get your life back on track. Understandably, your top priority may be to ensure that the case proceeds without errors or other obstacles.

Choosing the right legal representative is critical if you have been convicted of a crime and are considering an appeal. Skilled counsel could make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

4 things to look for in an appeals representative

Many people assume they should use the same representative who defended them in their original case. However, this may be unwise because appellate courts differ greatly from traditional criminal courts. Instead of asking your first lawyer to handle your appeal, look for new counsel with the qualities below:

  • Experienced: Seek representation from someone experienced with Texas appellate courts and their many rules and procedures.
  • Successful: Search for a representative with a history of appealing convictions successfully.
  • Good communicator: Make sure your candidates are willing to answer your questions and keep you updated about your appeal.
  • Committed: Since an appeal can take months or years to resolve, seek someone who can dedicate themselves to your case for the duration.

You can narrow your choices and find a suitable practitioner by interviewing several possibilities. In addition to the characteristics above, look for someone you can build a rapport with and who can view your situation with kindness and empathy.

Ask questions before you hire

Do not be afraid to question your candidates about their background and experience to find one that is a good match for your case. You may also want to ask them about their availability and success rate during your consultation.