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2 key facts about sexual consent

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Sex Offenses

When it comes to intimate encounters between two people, especially if they don’t have a long relationship with one another, consent is very important. If someone initiates this encounter without getting the proper consent first, they run the risk of being accused of crimes like sexual assault.

However, not everyone understands exactly how consent is supposed to work and how it applies. To help people avoid criminal charges, here are two key facts to keep in mind.

1. Consent can be withdrawn

First of all, even if consent has been given, the person who gave it has the right to withdraw it whenever they want. They can take the encounter exactly as far as they want, and they do not have to go any further. If the other person continues and will not stop, even though they initially had consent, they could still be in violation of the law.

2. Consent only counts in the moment

Another important thing to remember is that consent only counts right when it is given, for that specific event. Consent in the past does not give someone the same consent in the future. For example, someone could still be arrested for non-consensual sex, even if the person accusing them was someone they had dated and slept with in the past. Consent needs to be provided for each and every encounter, and it is best to get verbal consent. 

Legal defense options 

As this helps to demonstrate, consent can be complicated and may perhaps work in ways that people do not fully realize. Those who are facing serious criminal allegations must know about their defense options.